Call for Action!

Solidarity with the Resistance Camp of Vulturilor str, Bucharest NO to Housing Injustice! NO to Forced Evictions! NO to Racism and Police Brutality!  Over 100 people living in a yard of houses on 50 Vulturilor Street, Bucharest, Romania, were forcefully evicted on Monday, September 15. The community has decided from the outset to protest and reclaim their rights. This fundamental right has been gravely violated when local police brutalized several members of the community on the 15th and the 16th of September. Among those targeted Continue reading →

The community on Vulturilor 50 St. continues the resistance

On 16.09, at 9:00 o’clock, part of the community on Vulturilor 50 set out to protest in front of Bucharest’s City Hall. Equipped with signs, banners, and megaphones, people demanded their rights: homes for everyone. For several hours, people demanded that the mayor or other relevant authorities show up, but their demands have been completely ignored. Eventually, a few civil servants from AFL (the Administration of Housing Funds) and DSL (Housing Space Division) showed up, but, being in no position of power in this situation, Continue reading →

Over 100 people in Bucharest’s 3rd District thrown out of their homes! Evictions of most vulnerable continue in Romania’s capital city.

Over 100 people living in a yard of houses on 50 Vulturilor Street from the 3rd District of Bucharest, Romania, will be forcefully evicted on Monday, September 15, beginning with 9 am.  Formal notices about the forceful eviction were sent in the beginning of September to the 25 families living at this address. Among those targeted are children, elderly persons and persons with disabilities. The evicted have no genuine alternatives for relocation and feel ignored and ethnically discriminated against by local officials. (Evacuation day) [Sept. 17 Continue reading →

Common Front for Housing Rights – Presentation Brochure

The Common Front for Housing Rights, FCDL has been initiated by evicted persons and those threatened with eviction in Bucharest, Romania. Immediately after its lunch, in March 2014 it grew as an organization to include two cities: Bucharest and Cluj. The brochure presents the FCDL Manifesto, the first simultaneous action of the Front, and its future plans.     The brochure is available for download here : FCDL Romania_housing justice  

The Common Front for the Right to Housing

The Common Front for the Right to Housing – FCDL – is an initiative of people whose basic right of housing is in danger to be broken or has already been broken. Created by a group of persons evicted and at the risk of being evicted from Bucharest, Romania, alongside relatives, friends, activists, artists –  FCDL is a platform of housing activism on a national level. We address firstly evicted people but also: anyone not affected by evictions but solidary with the right of proper Continue reading →

More than 11m homes lie empty across Europe

  More than 11m homes lie empty across Europe – enough to house all of the continent’s homeless twice over – according to figures collated by the Guardian from across the EU. In Spain more than 3.4m homes lie vacant, in excess of 2m homes are empty in each of France and Italy, 1.8m in Germany and more than 700,000 in the UK. There are also a large numbers of vacant homes in Ireland, Greece, Portugal and several other countries, according to information collated by the Guardian. Many of the Continue reading →